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The year was 1953. The Dadar-Matunga-Mahim belt in Central Mumbai was fast developing into a locality of predominantly middle class residents. People from different walks of life, caught in the maelstrom of burgeoning metropolitan growth and a deep psychic need to revive and consolidate their cultural roots.
As the cultural activity in the city was confined to distant suburbs and South Mumbai, the residents of Dadar-Matunga-Mahim belt found themselves in a sort of 'vacuum'. It was in such an environment that a few spirited social workers and connoisseurs of Hindustani classical music, led by a discerning music lover, the late Dr. S. G. Joshi came together and decided to start an institution devoted primarily to promoting Hindustani classical music and allied performing arts. An institution with a wide membership would foster in the residents of the area a healthy taste of clean wholesome entertainment.
The Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre – then called Dadar Matunga Social Club – was founded in November 1953. Initial membership of about 500 eminent men and women – ranging from office-goers to people from the medical, legal, engineering and other professions. Today, the Centre has a membership of over 1100 and over the years, has come to be regarded as a veritable beacon to lovers of Hindustani classical music and other cultural activities.