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Hindustani vocal concert - Veteran Agra Gharana Vocalist Vidushi Pournima Dhumale

(Sep 10, 2023)


The demeanor of a musician goes a certain distance in knowing what to expect especially in hindustani music.

Blending the forceful laykari of Agra gharana, the thoughtfulness in raag vistara reminiscent of kirana gharana and the sure-footed grip on taal typical of gwalior/Agra gharanas in a commanding confident rendition of raagas barwa nat-bihag and tilak-kamod, Vidushi Pournima Dhumale showcased a fusion of methods styles and nuances in her gentle pleasing musical persona.

The tilak-kamod was imbued with a joie- de-vivre and romantic ardour that made the listener jump with joy in his being...this tilak kamod had a decent dose of gamak too, in the nom-tom which was novel and refreshing...as was the variety in her spontaneous dextrous tihais none of which missed the mark.

The concluding thumri in khamaj was laced with delightful khatkas and murkis.

Tejovrush Joshi on tabla was steady in his laya and exuberant in the fast phrases interludes, with each concert he is acquiring the stature of a most sought after accompanist....so is Siddhesh Bicholkar on harmonium following the lead singer like a faithful shadow as is ideally required.

Pournima Dhumale is an engaging musician who holds the attention of the audience with her musical statement.